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Jordan Truckle, 19


Photo of Jordan, provided by her.

Jordan Truckle is a Kinesiology student at Ontario Tech University. Truckle is 19-years-old and was born with the help of a Ukrainian sperm donor, making her story extra special. Truckle was also diagnosed with anxiety at six years old, too young for many to even understand what the illness is. 


“It just got worse through puberty, but my mom tried to help in ways she thought were helpful but actually pushed me to do things that caused my anxiety,” Truckle said. While Truckle’s mother was very open-minded to helping her in any way she could, she dealt with many people in her life who did not understand it. 




However, her current partner is completely supportive and tries his best to help her when she is having an anxiety attack or anxiety over a particular situation.  





Truckle said that her sister also struggles with anxiety, so oftentimes they are each other's support systems as they know what the other is going through, especially when her mom tries to push her out of her comfort zone, even though she acknowledges how anxiety affects her life.


She ended by saying that her family outlook should point to the fact that in the last 50 years, there has been a huge rise in youth mental illness. Particularly because although her ‘Nana’ tries to be supportive, “she’s said a few comments about how the kids these days are too sensitive and everyone suffers from anxiety.”

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